Hard Money Loans give you the opportunity to act fast on real estate, or leverage assets for short term capital projects. These loans are asset-based, meaning you get a percentage of an asset’s value upfront along with a near-term repayment plan.

Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans give you the opportunity to act fast on real estate, or leverage assets for short term capital projects. These loans are asset-based, meaning you get a percentage of an asset’s value upfront along with a near-term repayment plan.


Hard Money Loans

There are two primary types of asset-based financing: refurbishing and upgrading an existing asset or leveraging owned assets to free up capital for other purposes. Because the focus is on assets, rather than credit, borrowers with low credit scores can still qualify. Applying for a hard money loan takes less time than traditional financing, allowing you to close deals faster.

Hard money loans are most often short-term financing, which means you’re not left paying interest decades later. Many hard money loans charge interest during the term of the loan, and require a balloon payment of the principal at the end. Some businesses pay off the total balance while others choose to refinance into long-term financing at the end of the term. Hard money loans can have higher interest rates than traditional financing, so be sure to speak with a qualified broker to get the best deal.

How to

Effectively Apply Funds

Funding a CRE mortgage through a traditional lender can be frustrating. Since banks and credit unions are subject to restrictive rules, it’s harder for borrowers to qualify for loans. Even then, the wait for approval is typically weeks or months long. While you’re waiting to get approved, your ideal property might be snatched up by another business. To close on real estate quickly, wise business owners utilize hard money loans. Hard money loans usually come from private lenders who take just hours to process your application. Then, you can put a cash offer on the table and attract the right sellers.

In other instances, you might need short-term capital to fulfill a high-value purchase order on behalf of a client, or to pay contractors or temporary employees to fulfill a job. Leveraging a high-value asset for a short period of time gives you the flexibility to meet demand, then pay off the loan when your client pays you.

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Real Estate

Close your next real estate deal faster when you use a hard money loan to get the cash you need. Loans are based on the value of the real estate, not on your credit score. Manage the upfront cost of real estate with ease when you use our network of lenders to get the best deal on a hard money loan.


Every business needs equipment from copy machines to commercial ovens. A hard money loan uses equipment value to secure financing and lets you cut the upfront cost of buying equipment down to size. Get your business up and running or upgrade to the latest tech with a hard money loan from one of our lenders.


If you have capital tied up in inventory, a hard money loan lets you get cash without selling the inventory first. You can also use a loan to secure new inventory to prepare for a big sale or a surge in business. Let us show you how to use inventory to grow your business with a hard money loan.

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Get Informed

Are hard money loans safe?
With a reputable lender, hard money loans are just as safe as more traditional loans. These loans are short-term, meaning you must plan to pay off the loan in a few years or a few months, depending on the terms of your loan. Planning when using hard money loans can be a challenge, because if there are delays you may owe the full payment before your work is finished. Because of the risk, our brokers will help you find the right financing from a trusted lender.
When is a hard money loan not a good fit?
Hard money loans aren’t the same as a commercial mortgage. They last only a few years, and can be set up for a few months, meaning you must pay off the loan or replace it with long-term financing when the term is up. If you need long-term financing, speak with our brokers to explore other options.
Why is it called a ‘hard money’ loan?
Hard money loans get their name from the ‘hard’ assets used to secure them. These are tangible assets the lender can seize if the borrower defaults on the loan. Some examples are real estate properties, heavy-duty equipment, and inventory.
Can I get a hard money loan with bad credit?
Yes. Asset-based financing, like hard money loans, can be a good choice for borrowers with bad credit. Because they’re secured with tangible assets, lenders are less focused on your credit score than on the value of the assets themselves. If you need bad credit solutions, speak with our brokers today.